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    Default Amy Schumer Discusses Sex with Dolph Ziggler Again

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    Dolph Ziggler's ex-girlfriend Amy Schumer appeared on Conan earlier this week and once again discussed sex with Ziggler.

    "We were very different sexually, like he was very active in bed, he was like moving around," Schumer noted. "He was in such good shape. When you're naked with someone, you wanna be the one brining the thunder. I wanna be able to whisper things like, 'You're welcome' or like, 'you owe me for this.'"

    Schumer made very similar comments on The Howard Stern Show last summer, stating that "the sex was too athletic... Always. [But] the first time, I was like, 'Oh, this is cool. Nobody's ever ragdolled me.' He was spinning me like a Globetrotter."

    Although Ziggler was never mentioned by name during the segment on Conan, a photo was shown of him.



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