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    Default AJ Lee Discusses WWE '12 and '13, Recent Comparisons to Miss Elizabeth, More

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    - ESPN's Tech blog recently spoke with RAW General Manager AJ Lee about her love of video games and other topics. Here are some highlights:

    Winning the WWE '12 Tournament at WrestleMania 28 Week:
    "You know whatís funny is, everyone knows that I love playing video games, so they were all telling me, ďI know youíre going to win this.Ē But I was terrified because I had never had the chance to play the game, and the gameplay in ďWWE 12Ē was completely different than the game that came out the year before. The pinning system, kicking out, the submission system is all so different, so I thought I was so screwed. But I got to play two or three practice matches before the tournament started, then I just got really lucky. Everyone thought I had been playing for months, but I only played like two matches. Iím proud of that win. I keep the trophy in my office."

    The WWE '13 roster reveal:
    "I am so waiting for that day. Recently, my first action figure was announced, and when you look at things you want to do, action figure is one of them, and then being in the video game would be so huge. Then I donít have to create myself. I used to make myself for years in ďSmackdown vs. RawĒ and all the games before that, so hopefully Iíll be in the game this year, and if not, hopefully next year. It would just be insane to be in the game. I think I would pathetically be home alone playing the video game and putting myself in matches. I would love that. It would be a dream come true."

    Her TV character connecting with fans:
    "I think the important thing is that Iíve never tried to be someone Iím not. People can read right through that. Thereís a place for people who are unattainable where you want to have their poster on your wall because theyíre larger than life, and thatís fine, but thatís not me. Iím not the coolest person in the world. Iím not the sexiest Diva or the strongest Diva. I know who I am. Iím not the most popular person and Iím kind of dorky and Iím someone you can see at your school or as your neighbor, and I think people like that. I think Iím a girl that represents someone you might know or would like to hang out with, and I think people just relate to me. I also look like Iím about 14, [laughs] so maybe I look like I do go to high school with everyone. I just think itís cool that people have taken to me. Before I was on the show, I was a fan, and I think people can see that."

    Comparisons to Miss Elizabeth:
    "I think I have a long way to go. She is out of my league, but I appreciate the comparison. I think itís the innocence people see in the two of us, and having something thatís more of an understatement. A woman who appears to be more of a gentle creature on TV. Itís amazing to me to be compared at all to her, or anyone in the past. I hope I can be someone people look at in the future and compare other people to me. Itís a big deal, and I appreciate it."



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