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    Default AJ Lee Discusses The Diva Mold in the WWE, Storylines From This Past Year

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    The Detroit News has a great article online now, where they talk to AJ Lee about her career in the WWE, as well as what she is aiming for. Here are some of the highlights of the story:

    On what she wanted to accomplish:

    I said on NXT" the WWE developmental program where she got her start in 2010 "that I wanted to redefine the term 'Diva.' I knew what I meant, but I didn't think I would actually be able to."
    On her 2012 campaign:

    "It's definitely been a Cinderella year for me," says Lee, born April Mendez, who will be a part of the action when the WWE's Holiday Tour hits Joe Louis Arena Wednesday. "It's been my dream come true. I feel like I was sitting at home writing this myself. It doesn't feel real, that someone has let me do all this stuff."

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