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    Default 5 Cool Wrestling Projects Funded by Fans

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    When a professional wrestler has the benefit of WWE’s marketing machine behind him, there’s practically no limit to the money-making opportunities. T-shirts, action figures, DVD sales, spin-off movie roles — all are possible when someone is sitting pretty within the “sports entertainment” juggernaut.
    Outside of WWE, however, wrestlers face a much tougher uphill climb to make a buck.
    Until recently, wrestlers outside of the big leagues had few revenue options other than slugging it out on the indy circuit and selling 8×10 glossies for $20 bucks a pop in high school gyms and at wrestling conventions.
    But things are changing. Over the past couple of years, crowdsourcing resources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have launched new ways for independent, creative people — including some wrestling personalities — to launch innovative projects without corporate backing.
    Wrestling fans are renowned for their passion and loyalty, which explains how some unique wrestling projects got the cash needed to get off the ground.
    There are new projects in the works all time time — some intriguing, some not. A documentary about Baron Von Raschke has already exceeded its fundraising goal of $20,000 with several days left to go in the campaign, and it looks fascinating. A proposed cookbook by Tammy Lynn “Sunny” Sytch, on the other hand, failed to reach its relatively meager fundraising goal of $2,500 due to lack of interest.
    Here are five cool wrestling-related initiatives that probably never would have seen the light of day if fans hadn’t coughed up the money to make them happen.

    5. Jake Roberts’ Shoulder Surgery
    Many wrestling fans had assumed Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a lost cause — a washed-up former star who would never conquer his addictions. Remarkably, with the help of longtime friend Diamond Dallas Page, Roberts sobered up and got himself into better shape than he’d been in years. No amount of DDP Yoga, however, would change the fact that The Snake’s right shoulder was severely damaged and needed surgery.
    Having blown through most of the money he made during his WWE heyday, Roberts turned to the kindness of strangers, launching an Indiegogo campaign dubbed “My History is Not My Destiny.” He asked his longtime fans to help contribute the $9,200 necessary for surgery and rehabilitation. His fans responded in a big way. Hundreds of them contributed to the cause — some even donating $1,000 apiece — thus far surpassing the fundraising goal, reaching a total of nearly $30,000. Judging by The Snake’s progress in just the past six months or so, he’s well on his way to one of the most impressive recoveries wrestling fans have ever seen.



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