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    Default 2012 WWE Salaries for The McMahon Family, How Much Stock Does Shane McMahon Own?, More

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    - Here is the current line-up of the major players running the direction of WWE:

    * Vince McMahon, Chairman of the Board and CEO
    * Kevin Dunn, Executive Vice President, Television Production
    * George Barrios, Chief Financial Officer
    * Paul Levesque (Triple H), Executive Vice President, Talent
    * Michael Luisi, WWE Studios President; Executive Vice President, Business Development; General Counsel
    * Stephanie McMahon (who has dropped the McMahon-Levesque last name she had been using), Executive Vice President, Creative
    * Michelle Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer
    - Here is the list of straight salaries for 2012:
    * Vince McMahon, $1.1 million
    * Barrios, $575,000
    * Dunn, $800,000
    * Levesque, $500,000
    * Wilson, $575,000

    Those employees will also earn another 25% to 200% of that total based on company profitability as set forth at different levels. The totals for 2012 aren’t in yet so the amount of bonuses they will get has not been determined.
    As far as stock ownership goes, Vince currently owns 39,722,641 shares worth $334 million. Stephanie’s stock is currently worth $31.78 million. Shane McMahon’s stock is worth $15.55 million and Triple H’s stock is worth $405,227.
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    This is for the whole year or just a month?

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    Holy sh*t.. Triple H makes 500 thousand dollars a year/month without wrestling ? jesus christ and Mr Mcmahon makes 1.1 Million dollars... make me feel poor lol
    My Salary is 5000 dollars a month ROFL

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