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    Default Around 200 Fans Turned Away from NXT Arrival Last Night

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    There were just under 200 ticket holders turned away from last night's WWE NXT Arrival event at Full Sail University, apparently because Full Sail oversold the event. Fans were told right before the event that the 400-seat NXT Arena was over capacity.

    Customer service was described as horrible. NXT wrestlers were sent out to sign autographs but apparently refunds weren't offered, at least not at first. The explanation from Full Sail staff was they oversold because generally they have 200 no-shows on the free tickets at each taping since students and those associated with the school get in free, while outsiders have to pay. Apparently, to make sure the building is full, they give out far more tickets than there are seats available. For Arrival, virtually nobody with the free tickets showed up.

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    That's bad for business HHH...

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    That's what's not good for business



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