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    Default 10 Gutsy Vince McMahon Call Outs

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    Call Vince McMahon a genius, crazy or obsessed, but donít forget that heís not afraid of any person or group of people. When it comes to the WWE, he will do anything to ensure that it never stops growing and has an endless future.
    To survive in the competitive business world, it takes a stern force that wonít let anyone walkover them. McMahon backs up his company and ties it into storylines on occasion.
    Give the man his due, as he believes in the product. With that, here are ten call outs from the WWE chairman that required some extra fortitude.

    Ric Flair
    With WCW out of business and the invasion storyline coming to a close, the business was about to be transformed forever as Ric Flair was named co-owner. This would eventually lead to the roster being divided between Raw and SmackDown for seven years
    Seemingly out of nowhere, McMahon challenged Flair on an edition of Raw with the winner taking all.
    McMahon would leave the victor and sole owner once again of his precious WWE, but everything had changed with each show now its own entity.



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