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    Default Ziggler's Brother Takes Shot at Current NXT Roster, WWE Signs New TV Deal, HBK Note

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    - Briley Pierce, Dolph Ziggler's brother who was released by WWE several weeks ago, took a shot at the current NXT roster on Twitter. A fan commented how impressed they were with him, "you don't normally see ex-NXT guys who can work a crowd."

    Pierce replied, "Or current..thanks!"

    - WWE has announced a new three-year TV deal with SkyNet DTG in the country of Myanmar. The deal will bring WWE's RAW, SmackDown, NXT and Main Event to SkyNet 3 and SkyNet Teen.

    - Shawn Michaels was live tweeting during the season premiere of his MacMillan River Adventures show last night. One fan mentioned that Shawn should get Vince McMahon on the show. Shawn replied, joking or not:

    "He'd have to take a day off...highly unlikely #MRA"



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