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    Default Y2J Returning To WWE

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    Chris Jericho was recently interviewed, and discussed a possible WWE return. You can read that at Here is an excerpt… "I mean, there's a deal on the table. A deal on the table that's 90-percent done. There's a couple of minor things that we had to hammer out. It would just be a matter of what other stuff is going on and how that stuff is going."

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    Nice to hear that ... the wwe has sufferd a lot because of the lack of real "superstars". HHH,Y2J,The Undertaker,Batista ....
    Some left, some are injured but fact is the quality of the wwe wrestling was decreased. Best example is Del Rio ... He is just a cheap copy of
    the former superstar JBL. Even his logo is designed the same way as JBL's.

    i wasnt able to find JBL's logo because he isnt such a populated star but ... he had almost the same logo.



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