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    do u guys think tHAT CENA has been treated as ghulam ( slave) of wwe do u guys really think that wwe will fire jon cena bcoz he is against nexus? will they afford such a hudge loss to wwe? tell ur views guys its grave situation for the star cena/ slave cena!!!!!!!

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    Of course they're not going to fire him, it's a script. A story.
    It's just a PIECE of the story which binds Cena to his contract.
    He'll turn heel though, and help Nexus by will.

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    u reaaly think so

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    I'm HOPING so. I'm tired of seeing Cena in the same old matches. I think I could actually find him watchable again if he started using heel/asshole tactics.

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    well what about joining tna

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    With members of Nexus not allowed to interfere i think Otunga will lose to Edge so he wont be Nexus and he will be free to interfere and i hope Cena lets him and turns heel

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    sounds good

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    Either Cena should turn heel, OR get fired, and start breaking into the arenas and attacking backstage etc. (like Kurt Angle in TNA at the moment).
    I think it'd be good for him to get a bit more attitude. He's run with the same gimmick for too long, and it's gone stale.



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