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    Post WWE News: Original Sin Cara Reportedly to Be Replaced and Released

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    Since making a questionable debut on the night after WrestleMania 27, Sin Cara has turned many heads. However, many have also questioned the quality of his in-ring matches. Due to his inability to speak fluent English, Sin Cara (a.k.a. Mistico) has received much criticism from fans who question whether he will be successful going forward with his lack of smoothness in the ring.

    In a breaking news report update on the original Sin Cara, Lords of Pain released the following:

    WWE sources indicate that Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the original Sin Cara, was sent home from Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Calgary, Alberta, Canada after meeting with company officials. He left the Scotiabank Saddledome before the event's conclusion.

    Company sources state that developmental talent Jorge Arias (a/k/a Hunico) will exclusively portray the Sin Cara character going forward. WWE wants to maintain the character since its been very popular among kids and in merchandise sales.

    Many employees expect Alvirde to part ways with the organization, but that is not 100% confirmed.

    On Tuesday, WWE re-shot a match between Sin Cara and Heath Slater since the initial bout featured a number of botched maneuvers. Aries portrayed Cara in both matches. Alvirde was at the event and dressed to compete, but management opted not to use him.

    Mistico was suspended on the weekend of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view for violating the WWE wellness policy, which forced him to serve a 30-day suspension.

    However, rather than waiting for him to return, WWE Creative pushed for the Sin Cara character to return to television by having FCW wrestler Hunico portray the role for the time being.

    As stated in the report, Sin Cara was eligible to return to action at this past Tuesday's SmackDown tapings. He was turned down. Instead, in his place, Hunico once again took on the Sin Cara persona and wrestled Heath Slater, in a match that was described as a "botch fest."

    It seems to me that neither Mistico or Hunico have any real ability to put on great matches in the ring at this point, but both do having amazing potential if given enough time to develop. I'm not sure what releasing Mistico will do if Hunico is much the same, but WWE is determined on keeping the Sin Cara character around due to his high merchandise success.

    However, I wouldn't read too much into this report, as it was rumored a short while ago that a Sin Cara vs. Hunico feud was being planned for sometime in the near future.

    Personally, I would like to see Mistico and Hunico return to FCW to improve and remove the Sin Cara character from television for a few months, as releasing either of them would not be good for business, specifically the man who signed Mistico himself, Triple H. Hopefully, this debacle will be solved soon, as I don't want to see his inevitable WrestleMania encounter with Rey Mysterio in jeopardy.

    While nothing has been confirmed, WWE Creative looks to be going back and forth with their decision on both Mistico and Hunico. Stay tuned as more details are revealed. GSM out.



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