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    Default WWE Kicks Out Melina

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    WWE Kicks Out Melina

    Over the weekend, WWE kicked out Melina from an arena in San Jose, California. The recently released diva was accompanying long time boyfriend John Morrison, who was scheduled to work a match at the event. Upon arrival, Melina was informed by security that she was not welcomed at the HP Pavilion. The 32 year old then stayed outside the arena, talking with fans and signing autographs.

    Nothing Personal

    Melina being kicked out of the arena wasn't anything personal by WWE. It's a policy that most corporations adopt. When someone is released or fired, you generally have them collect their belongings and remove their security clearance. Then, security guards escort them out the building, and they're not allowed back. WWE isn't the most typical of corporate settings, but they do adopt a similar policy. Those arenas are basically the offices where the wrestlers work out of. Since Melina is no longer an employee, she had to be kicked out of there.

    Letting Go

    Melina has stated that the trip was planned prior to her release. However, eyes are still rolling at the incident that took place this past weekend in San Jose. The smart thing for her to do is to avoid WWE all together. Nothing good can come from lingering around the live events. It's not like that's going to change management's mind and get her rehired. Melina should also be aware of corporate policies that prevents former employees from associating with the company after they have been given their release. Finally, it looks bad from the fans' perspective for Melina to try to stick around.

    Making John Morrison Look Bad

    Another side effect of Melina trying to hang out with WWE still is that it make John Morrison look bad. The belief is that management refuses to give him the main event push that the fans have been asking for because Vince McMahon doesn't think too highly of him as a person. There's an old school side of the CEO that does not respect how John Morrison handles himself backstage with the boys. With Melina showing up at the arena, it makes John Morrison look bad for not putting his foot down about the situation.



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