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    Default WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

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    So as there's not much going on in this Section at the Moment, I'm trying to bring some Activity back

    Soooo: Tonight is Battleground! What are your predictions for the PPV tonight? Will the WWE Title change hands? And do you see Brock Lesnar returning tonight and interfere in the WWE Title Match or is it more likely that he will be at tomorrows Raw? And what about the other Matches: The Interconinental Championship Battle Royal, The Tag-Team Title 2 out of 3 Falls Match, and of course Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose and Y2J vs Bray Wyatt, which in my opinion will be 2 Awesome Matches!

    Post your thoughts here, and have a nice Day/Evening everyone!

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    My thoughts

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship will not change hand and i think Brock Lesnar will return and attack Cena after the match
    Can't guess who will win the IC title.....Hope its Cesaro But look like the miz will win
    Tag Team match will be the most Amazing match of the night
    Seth vs Dean.... I think Kane will interfere Again and distract Dean
    Y2J vs Bray.....Bray Wyatt will win the match

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