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    Default WWE is awesome again ! (Spoilers Inside)

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    Fiiiiiiinaaally ........

    WWE was able to bring up a pretty good raw episode. In my mind, the best episode of the last maybe 5 years. For me there are two key reasons:

    - The WWE roster reached a very high standard quality.

    - The WWE creativs are doing a pretty good job (after someone was fired)

    Soo let's start with reason number 1.
    I think NXT totally payed out for the WWE. Just look at all former members of "The Shield" and some other NXT superstars who made their way to Raw / Smackdown. In reverse they fired some guys. Maybe good guys. I will not judge about the decisions made. But in the total they created a very good mix of young talented guys and old experienced wrestlers.

    And here comes the reason number 2.
    In June this year WWE fired head-writer Jay Gibson. Some people said his termination will not be noticeable on TV. I noticed a slow change in the past months. The Superstars were using bad words again
    Maybe this has nothing to do with Jay Gibson. But fact is, the bad words, the rude attitude, .... reminds me of something. It's like a dejavu. It's the Attitude Era !
    The storylines are way more interesting. For a quite long time i basicly skipped all non title matches / stories because they were just boring. But now they are catching.
    In the past they let many fights happen for no reason. But on this week's Raw there were so many good storylines going on. I really enjoyed it. And i love Ambrose fighting the authority. Also i think the guest part from The Rock was not announced in public and yea ... i have to admit i was suprised.

    Some people may complain about the "child entertainment" or the divas. But yea ...
    I think we just have to accept that WWE is a business company and they are just trying to get as much profit as possible.
    But the WWE had to react. The viewers count was decreasing constantly.
    And i think they reacted in the right way. They matches in general got more intensive and brutal.

    Hope you enjoyed this weeks Raw was much as i did

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    Just wait until Sting and Shane McMahon return to take over and end the PG Era!
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