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    Default How Much Do You Think About WWE?

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    How Much Do You Think About WWE?

    So I was curious, how often do you find yourself thinking about anything WWE related during the day? I notice I find myself especially when a good storyline is going on, having it on my mind a lot... Like for instance I currently love this whole AJ storyline, and find myself thinking about possible scenarios and just what has happened in past weeks that has involved this storyline. I think for me when a good storyline is going on, I find myself on this forum and just thinking about WWE a lot more. Same thing during MITB last year. So pretty much I'm just wondering am I way to into the WWE where I need to relax, or am I just a big fan? And anyone similar to me in this aspect of WWE where it's on you're mind a lot?

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    I don't really care about the storylines, other than to be entertained that moment, if you analyze them too deeply more holes than Swiss cheese appear.

    More interested in matches.

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    Both story-lines and matches matter to me

    It's Clobberin Time

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    I usually think of storylines that are better than what is actually going on the show

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