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    Default Right After Wrestling: Edge

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    Speaking with Steve Austin about his injury (having shared the exact same injury that forced them both to retire) and did Steve Austin sound like he could return to the ring for one more match?

    - Who gave him the news that he had to retire

    - If he didn’t receive the news, how long he felt he would have competed before he retired

    - Haven on SyFy: his role on the show, and will he return to the show

    - Edge’s thoughts on Christian’s rivalry with Randy Orton, and in his opinion why it took so long for Christian to be considered a main event superstar

    - Mentoring Zack Ryder and his current success in the WWE

    - When does Edge want to enter the WWE Hall of Fame?

    - Winning his very first championship – the IC title at a live event at the SkyDome in the late 90’s, and how that came about

    - Wanting to work more with Dolph Ziggler, and fun goofy antics at a live event in Toronto

    - Will Edge write a second book? One click file hosting: right-after-wrestling-ep124-id3381.mp3



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