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    Default Wrestlers that could have been used better

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    Which wrestlers, that have talent and potential, were really misused by WWE?

    In my opinion, It's Kane. Sure his character is interesting and Glen is a nice guy but I have always wondered why WWE have always booked him in a bad feud. E.g. his feud with Kane in 2002 (Katie Vick), that storyline with Lita, Great Khali and now recently the feud with Cena. Yes every wrestler has bad feuds but some feuds (mainly Katie Vick and Lita's storyline) have really gotten negative reviews from the fans

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    Kane hasn't had a memorable feud other than when he was carried by Taker, he just can't carry a feud himself.

    So many guys have been misused by the WWE. But I'll go with William Regal. Was really getting over as a great heel in the GM role before he was suspended under the wellness policy. When he pulled the live show off the air, that was awesome.

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    THe Great Khali when he debuted in the wwe he was asked to fight the undertaker without any reason...............

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    John Cena - most definately is being used as the poster boy/hardcore baby face for the PG era! The 'Doctor of Thuganomics' heel persona actually is better for business!
    Plus he needs to learn new wrestling moves and improve his wrestling ability overall - maybe by losing 30lbs too. If you've noticed he tries hard in the ring but he's too stiff, there's more muscle and less ability. If WWE forced these changes we'd all be happy.
    Nowadays, all the wrestlers are being used terribly because its the PG era!



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