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    Default Which Wrestler Has The Best Intro In The Current WWE Roster?

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    Say why you choose him. Talk about his pyros, visual and sound effects. If you want to, you can list a susperstar who is retired or (unfortuneately) died.

    I will list mine:

    Kane: I like the explosion and the smoke coming up from beneath and the fire on the titantron. He walks to the ring like a monster doesn't give a damn about what reception he is recieving. He has a great grey mask which makes him look hideous.

    Undertaker: His outfit makes him look like a real demon of death valley. I like the bell ringing when he makes his appearance, the smoke coming and and when Taker is at the ring his lifts his arms up and the smoke goes. And then the arena lights up again from the darkness.

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    Chris Jericho - Obviosely awesome entrance , his old one was also cool . I like the theme and his new Jacket , looks very cool when lights go off .

    Brock Lesnar - Cause I like the music and he comes with a energy.

    others that I like

    D. Brayan




    It's Clobberin Time

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    Alex Riley!! love the green colour

    Triple H's

    The Rock's

    The Miz's

    Titus and darren with A.W


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    John Cena: The mere fact that the crowd never fails to have a reaction makes his entrance pretty damn epic.
    Kane and Taker for the obvious reasons the AwesomeStrike mentioned.
    Alberto Del Rio also has an amazing intro, adds so much to his character.
    Chris Jericho: when the lights go out then we get that epic jacket lighting up followed by a good job on pyro

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    Chris Jericho!!!

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    The Miz Bcoz He Is Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome

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