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    Default Best/Worst Appearance Changes

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    Best/Worst Appearance Changes

    What are some of the best and some of the worst appearance changes in the world of pro wrestling. These can be anything from a simple haircut, an unmasking, a change in attire, all the way to a complete gimmick over haul. I'll get us started.

    Taz going from Tazmaniac to the ultimate fighting machine.
    Undertaker returning as American Bad Ass in 2000
    Undertaker returning as deadman in 2004
    Austin shaving his head and growing his goatee to achieve his trademark "Stone Cold" look
    Hogan ditching the red and yellow in favor of black when he went "Hollywood"
    Tommy Dreamer ditching the green suspenders

    Undertaker's masked look in 1995 (honestly I could make an entire Best/Worst thread just with Undertaker changes)
    Kane unmasking and he wasn't burnt and they tried to pretend he'd been wearing a wig the whole time.
    Rey Mysterio unmasking in WCW
    Vince McMahon getting his head shaved in 2007
    Hulk Hogan as Mr. America
    Kevin Nash getting his hair cut in 2003.

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    I think the best was when Jeff Hardy started entering the ring with face paint......

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    I honestly HATE Jerico's look now comapared to when he first came. It was awesome back when like him, Gurrero, Benoit all had those similar same kind of tights fighting around in the Euro/Inter title division.

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