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    Thumbs up Who will win nxt season 2

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    kaval or alex riley or michael maccinkudddy wow what a name

    well kaval won the trivia contest and is prize is that he will show up on all wwe homepages wow so he will have a slight advantage over the others

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    Michael Mcgillicuddy is the son of the late, great Mr. Perfect. Though he shows amazing in-ring ability, he has no real character or persona that makes him stand out.

    Alex Riley is another star who is great in the ring. The difference being that he has the Varsity Villian gimmick. The "jock" beating on "nerds" kinda thing. This gives him more of a reaction with the crowds, making him a good heel. Especially if he were to team up with The Miz.

    Kaval, in my opinion, is the most entertaining to watch. His kicks are amazing, his speed is amazing, and his Warrior's Way Double Stomp finisher is... well... amazing! Although he hasn't got a gimmick, he has that amazingly deep voice and acts as a "face", taking on the bad guys (heels) of NXT, like Riley, Harris etc. This instantly gets him over with the WWE Universe. Alongside that, he was worked in many companies world wide for over a decade, and has a huge name on the Internet. So he already has a huge following, giving me the advantage, in my opinion.

    So over all, I'd like to see any of these stars win, as they're all very talented. But personally, I think it will be Kaval or Alex Riley. Hopefully Kaval...

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    yeah me too u know mikn64 u and kev post good comments u guys are the best desi have



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