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    Post Whom did the WWE Universe choose for AJ?

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    Whose heart does AJ belong to? Whose heart should it belong to? You, the WWEUniverse, shared your thoughts on this twisted romance via Twitter and think AJ should be with CM Punk. Here are the complete

    CM Punk: 51 percent
    Kane: 27 percent
    Daniel Bryan: 8 percent
    All three: 14 percent
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    She should be with me lol

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by insideout View Post
    She should be with me lol[/COLOR]

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    Actually, the exact opposite is true. WWE doesn't rig any of their polls. They definitely book/write to get the outcomes that they want but they don't rig things if they don't work out how they like. They just make it so the votes don't really matter in the first place, like what kind of match is used or who the wrestler is.

    There have been a lot of ex-WWE writers and wrestlers, with no reason to lie, that can verify that.

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