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    Default What's the direction for Chris Jericho?

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    What's the direction for Chris Jericho?

    Jericho's suspension is up in a matter of days and he's returning to Raw next Monday. Last time we saw him, he gave Orton three Codebreakers and appeared to be starting a feud with him. Orton himself was suspended and we won't be seeing him until late July at the earliest. So what do you think Jericho is going to do when he returns? Any change in his persona? Will he be face/heel?

    I'm thinking he'll announce his intention to win the Raw MITB match, since they need to start hyping that PPV next month.

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    It depends on John Cena. He will have to feud with Cena cause Cena has no opponent. Though I wanna see Jericho vs Sheamus for the title and Jericho beat the hell out of Sheamus and win the title.

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