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    Default Vince McMahon's Promise to Mae Young, Cena Asked About Ric Flair's Title Record

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    In the October issue of WWE Magazine, John Cena was asked if he's eying Rc Flair's record number of major singles titles held. Cena, who has 10 major title reigns, said:

    "Not at all. I think one day at a time. In this business, I don't think about what I've done or long-term plans. If you think about what you've done, you become complacent. If you think too far ahead, your vision gets a little cloudy. You truly have to think about it one day at a time."

    Also in the October issue, Mae Young was profiled and tells about a promise Vince McMahon made to her if she turns 100 years old. She said:

    "I plan on wrestling when I'm 100. My grandmother lived to be 113, so I figure I can make it into the ring when I'm 100. Vince promised me a match with his daughter, Stephanie, and his granddaughter, Aurora Rose, when I'm 100-years-old. I've got to live to see that."



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