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    Default Vince Amnesia storyline?

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    Vince Amnesia storyline?

    Seen a few rumours of this on Twitter after Big Shows "punch" to Vince.

    Could make for a good storyline, perhaps Cena actually beats Big Show to get Johnny fired but Vince doesnt remember making that stipulation and refuses to fire him. Could lead to new people getting over by manipulating Vince to get opportunities and could eventually lead to a HHH heel takeover storyline as Vince is deemed to have lost it and is completely removed from the WWE board.

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    Pretty good Idea...and that is why it is never going to happen.

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    Retarded idea, just show him a video clip of Raw.

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    How bout personality disorder ????

    I think we should never expect Vince to be face for a long time. I think Vince will turn heel and fire Cena instead of Johhny at NWO or next Raw and give Cena his deserving break till next WM. But there are less chances of this to happen cause Cena has to be on the 1000th episode of Raw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathmatchdragon View Post
    Retarded idea, just show him a video clip of Raw.
    thats what I thought too. Great Idea if the wwe would not be on tv
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