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    Post Update on the Wellness Failure of Andy Leavine, News on a Future WrestleMania

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    Word on why WWE hasnít publicly announced the suspension of Andy Leavine is that they are going through the motions to make sure his Wellness failure is legitimate, like checking to see if he was prescribed something by a doctor or other steps along those lines. Andy also may be offered a second test but thatís not confirmed. There have been situations where a talent failed a test, then took a second one and proved they were clean.

    Andy reportedly failed his Wellness Test right before SummerSlam some time. It was also noted that Andy is still technically a developmental talent and WWE usually doesnít announce suspensions, releases or failures from developmental.

    - PWTorch reports that WWE is considering St. Louis at a top city candidate to host a future WrestleMania event at the Edwards Jones Dome. Company officials recently met with the St. Louis Sports & Visitors Commission about hosting WWEís biggest event. However, itís said that there is slim to no chance to the Dome hosting WrestleMania because itís owned by Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Denver Nuggets. Wrestling fans will remember Kroenke from 2009 when RAW was bumped from the Pepsi Center because of the NBA playoffs. Vince McMahon went on RAW and tried to start a feud with Kroenke over the ďDenver Debacle.Ē

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