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    Default Update on Punk/Austin

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    ()()()()().com is reporting that the WWE creative team is continuing to lay out early plans for WrestleMania 29, and possibilities are currently being discussed as to who CM Punk will face at the big event.

    Behind the scenes, Punk has been pushing hard to face Stone Cold Steve Austin at the PPV, but word is that it's far from guaranteed that a match between the two will actually take place.

    Although Austin has been very vocal in the past year about being healthy enough for one more match, and has publicly said that he'd like to wrestle Punk if he were to return to the ring, a source close to the situation is saying that as of now, the chance of Austin wrestling at 'Mania next year is still "more likely a no than a yes."
    Take this with a grain of salt as usual, but maybe we'll know more after RAW 1000. If we get an Austin/Punk segment then we may have our answer. If we don't then who knows.

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