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    ROH Champion Tyler Black signed - Tyler has signed with WWE after being encouraged by his friend and fellow Pro Wrestler, Evan Bourne. He was also given offers by TNA, but was influenced to take up WWE by fellow wrestlers. Can't wait to see him wrestler on Smackdown or Raw, though he could go through NXT first...
    He is currently in FCW I think.

    Matt Hardy could be fired? He has been posting online via his Youtube and Twitter accounts, hinting he'd be leaving WWE for another company (most likely TNA, since Jeff is there). Although he is still on contract, these posts and constant "unloyalty" could easily have him released. Even if he has been with WWE for so long, he hasn't been used as such in years, so it would be no big loss for them. All they'd lose is old-school fans. And although there are Hardy fans who want to see him go to TNA to team with Jeff, I personally don't feel Matt has what it takes to keep up with the younger generation in WWE and TNA. Not until he gets back in shape anyway.

    Chris Jericho leaving WWE? Before the Night of Champions show, Jericho claimed to be leaving the company if he lost his match. So what now, that he has infact lost? Will he be gone for good? I don't think so. I personally know that he will be touring with his band Fozzy, as they are playing in Belfast and I will be attending. So this retirement plot could easily be an excuse to allow him some time off.

    NXT to be scrapped?
    WWE's show NXT has been discussed and may be made an internet-only show, or scrapped completely. Hopefully it won't be scrapped, as I personally love the new stars coming up through it.

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    yea i agree thanks for the info



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