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    Default Is Undertaker the man WWE are most afraid to say goodbye to?

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    Is Undertaker the man WWE are most afraid to say goodbye to?

    This man is considered a legend/icon and practically one of the best ever. This is the man who has gone on to have a 20-0 streak and a man who is the most known professional wrestler. He's been world champion, royal rumble winner, hes been in 5 star matches, involved in top feuds you name it.

    Hes the man who most people buy to see Wrestlemania to see if this is the year the streak ends. So this makes me think with his age and obviously hes not able to like he use to do you think WWE are too afraid to let taker go and retire?

    WM buyrates is important to Vince and he knows without Taker it wouldnt be as high so do you think Taker is too valuable for Vince to ever say goodbye to the phenom?

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    Taker is awesum

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    Yes he is very Valuable to WWE. however as i have previously said, the wwe have left it up to the Undertaker to decide when he retires! and trust me it wont be anytime soon



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