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    Default Undertaker stuffing up during in-ring segment

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    Undertaker stuffing up during in-ring segment

    It's not a spoiler.. When Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are going back and forth. Undertaker says " But what im not prepared to accept is you (Shawn) sticking your ego in this. Our two matches at wrestlemania, the match last year with triple H has all been destiny and on APRIL 21st ! That destiny will happen. Didnt he mean Wrestlemania April 1st ?, I dont hear him stuff up much but I just want to know if people heard this too.

    Even Michael Cole kept reminding us that WM28 is 29 nights away! I'm really confused, cuz on my WM ticket, it clearly says April 1st

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    I don't think it's a big deal. Taker's tongue must have slipped.

    It's Clobberin Time

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    lol if your ticket says april 1st then dont panic you will see it on that day and yes i heard it too and it was slip of tongue



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