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    Default What Triple H is Now Ripe for a Heel Turn

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    Triple H as the new executive in charge wasn’t just a smart move, it was the only move they could make. There wasn’t a better guy to put in that position than a man who can serve the chairman role as well as, if not better, than Vince McMahon himself.

    Don’t get me wrong the WWE will never see another egomaniac like they have with McMahon. They’ll never see a strut like his and they will never buy into Triple H with the exact same power that McMahon had, but that doesn’t mean that Triple H won’t earn his money as the face of the WWE company.

    Of course any good chairman in the WWE is always better when he is hated, and this is the time for Triple H to be hated. There is no better time than now. The natural instinct of the WWE fan is to embrace Triple H as the hero he has been for quite some time. They will be he’s the anti-Vince McMahon.

    That means that now is the perfect time for Triple to begin rocking the boat. The idea here would be to make him drunk with power and plant the seeds early. When CM Punk comes back, the ultimate anti-hero in 2011, Triple will have to have a long memory for CM Punks scathing criticism of the new WWE chairman.

    The truth is that Triple H will be able to do all the things that McMahon could do, but he’ll have one other thing: fear. As a chairman who won the strap more than a dozen times, there is no one who will really want to challenge Triple H for his power as he’ll have the gumption, and the skill, to back it up in the ring.

    Triple H needs to be hated because that is what the WWE Universe needs: to hate the boss. Let’s hope that it happens. For the sake of everyone.
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    this is old news.... they have johnny for the hating part now since fans could not hate on HHH

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