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    Default Triple H Promos at the PG era?

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    I look at Triple H promos now a days and i find i't a little i'ts like he doesn't have anything to say, And i look at the promos before he was the CCO i find he had a lot of attitude in i't i'ts like he don't want to say something to hurt the business or something, So what do you think about Triple H promos do you i'ts good right now or i't was better in the past?

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    That DX segment was horrific, thankgod Damien Sandow came out to save it.

    Back in the day he used to be funny but a HHH promo is now the cure for Insomnia.

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    How many promos he really does ??? Maybe 1 in a month......

    My answer is that his promos are just cool ......... and it wont get any better until he is wearing that suit

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    He definitely has it in him, but I think the stress of being COO is getting to him!
    Still its requires a lot of charisma to sound so mad at someone lol that's pretty much how HHH does his promos!



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