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    Default Top 50 reasons why Daniel Bryan marks get criticized

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    Top 50 reasons why Daniel Bryan marks get criticized

    So I was bored out of my mind an hour ago, and decided to whip up ''top 50'' installment. The CM Punk one was a hit, so i'm willing to give it another shot..

    Disclamer: Not to be taken to heart. I'm actually a fan of everyone I did these for

    1: They had the neighbors call the cops on them several times for blasting their speakers with ''Ride of the Valkyries'', and putting the song on repeat all afternoon

    2: They refuse to shave because men have beards, when mistaken for Hobos, they're proud of it.

    3: They bought the new Daniel Bryan t-shirt 50 times on just to boost DB's ranking as a merch seller, once they were out of money, they hammered the Piggy Bank and purchased more

    4: They never go to the laundry, basically because they have a lifetime supply of fresh Daniel Bryan t-shirts

    5 They started dating gullible chicks, and blamed them for everything.

    6: They like to spam YES! on message boards until they pass out from exhaustion

    7 They think ROH is the Taj Mahal of wrestling, particularly because it produced the GOAT

    8 They've resented their entire familly for eating meat products, and they refuse to attend thanks giving, Christmas and New Years if the the food isnt purely Soy based.

    9 They consider the RAW after Wrestlemania to be poetic Justice, and mankind's greatest rebelion against ''the system''

    10 They strongly considered sending Micheal Cole some Anthrax via FedEx courier when he slandered Bryan on commentary.

    11 They opted to praise Micheal Cole on Twitter following Cole's sudden change of heart on Bryan, and slapped themselves in the face for their tentative nefarious Anthrax plans.

    12: They consider Daniel Bryan to be a permanent fixture in the main event picture, and if he's not in the main event, he's being buried.

    13:They watch RAW and Smackdown for Daniel Bryan, when he's not on screen they tune into something else.

    14; They check Smackdown spoilers ahead of time to see if Daniel Bryan got a huge pop.

    15 If a crowd doesn't pop for Daniel Bryan or refuse to partake in the YES chant, it's automatically a bad crowd.

    16 They wanted to crucify Sheamus for Wrestlemania 28

    17 If Daniel Bryan isn't at the top of someone's fav five, they give them the funny look and write them off as ignorant

    18 They consider Gene Lebell a legend, despite not having a ****ing clue who he is and what he stood for.

    19: They honestly consider Daniel Bryan to be the greatest wrestler that ever lived, bar none. No one ever came close, comes close or will ever come close.

    20 They are praying for the Day that WWE puts Daniel Bryan in the ring with John Cena just so he outpops him.

    21 They want to bang AJ so badly, mostly because dat ass has the Daniel Bryan seal of approval

    22 if RAW had Daniel Bryan and CM Punk wrestling a 3 hour Ironman match for 3 hours every week, they'd start recommending the show to all their non-wrestling fans.

    23 They think the Nelson ratings ''don't matter nowdays'' following the news that Daniel Bryan does weak quarters.

    24 They literally wet their pants in excitement when the No Way Out poster was revealed

    25 They would willingly create 500 YES! signs and pass them around in the crowds if they could, they're just waiting for WWE to come to their town.

    26 They think that Daniel Bryan has potential to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, and every creative move concerning his character should not have a single mis-step on the mission to getting him there

    27 They credit Daniel Bryan for making technical wrestling ''cool'' again

    28 They randomly start YES! chants at Wallmart, the Wellfare Office, the Grocery Store and other venues in hopes of attracting fellow Daniel Bryan enthusiasts

    29 They fail to understand how Daniel Bryan isn't a mainstream name at the moment despite his chants appearing at NBA games.

    30. They want to sue Webster's Dictionary for not having a picture of Daniel Bryan next to the word ''yes''.

    31 They think that a 3 disc DVD set of Daniel Bryan chronicling all his matches since 2010 should already be in production

    32 They create sock accounts on twitter just to boost Daniel Bryan's followers

    33 They considered the YES! chants directed at the Rock to be a sign that he (Rock) was finally accepted by the Smart Marks

    34 They credit Daniel Bryan for bringing prestige back to the WHT and U.S championships, as well as the MITB

    35 If Daniel Bryan doesn't main event Summerslam this year, they will seriously riot, followed by a boycott.

    36 They are now totally against the WWE Ice-cream bars because they figured out that ice-cream is a dairy product

    37 They emailed THQ to have the YES! chants incorperated in the upcoming WWE 13 videogame

    38 They STILL comment on Daniel Bryan's 3 Youtube videos despite them being posted over a year ago.

    39 They consider Cm Punk's entire career to be the catalyst to Daniel bryan's success.

    40 They genuinely believe that once you go Bryan, there's no point in trying...

    41: They think Kane is a giant nuissance ever since he got involved in Daniel bryan's affairs.

    42 They sport the ''Miz girl'' face everytime a NO! chant errupts, but they calm down when reminded that Daniel Bryan is a heel, and his negative reaction is a GOOD thing

    43 They often forget that Daniel Bryan is a heel, or simply choose to overlook that fact.

    44 If Daniel Bryan doesnt get the YES! chant everytime he hits his opponent, they think something is wrong with the audio on their tv

    45 They are devoted 33rd degree Keyboard Warriors, always ready to answer the call of duty when WHite Knighting Daniel Bryan over the internet is in order.

    46 They don't understand why people tend to rate Daniel Bryan's matches under 4 and a half stars

    47 They consider Daniel Bryan's firing over the tie incident to be the greatest conspiracy theory since Operation Northwoods

    48 They think that the infamous Helicopter scene in Apocalypse Now is a homage to the great Daniel Bryan

    49 They loop Youtube clips of Daniel bryan's YES! chants while doing their homework as a form of motivation

    50 They will never forgive the WWE for not signing Daniel Bryan to a lucrative contract in 2003 when they had the chance
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    Some of those are pretty funny but I'm actually a Bryan Danielson mark so I play "The Final Countdown", shout you're gonna get you're ****ing head kicked in followed by best in the world, and think not signing with WWE in 2003 was great because we got to witness the best run ever on the indies.

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    First I thought do I really have all 50, but when I started I read them all in 5 mins.

    24 They literally wet their pants in excitement when the No Way Out poster was revealed
    ^^^this one was the most funny one.

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    lol'd at 21



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