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    Default Top 3 "PG" (No blood) HIAC matches.

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    We all know most pre PG HIAC matches are leagues above the ones offered now a days but which ones did you enjoy the most out of this era?

    1. HHH vs. Undertaker - Fairly obvious pick this, the storytelling was fantastic and it really did feel like an end of an era.
    2. Edge vs. Undertaker - Generally loved this match, the spots were fantastic and what modern HIAC's lack. This had weapons, high spots and fighting outside the cell, things sorely missed by HIAC the last few years.
    3. Orton vs. Cena - Unlike so many HIAC's over the last 4-5, these 2 were actual locked in a long standing feud, and whereas a lot of you I know couldn't stand Orton vs. Cena to me it actualy felt like a big deal with the matches progressing and actualy how a feud should play out. A HIAC was a logical move in the feud. On top of that with the pre match build up we get the only bit of fighting ever on top of the new cell.

    What are your picks and why?

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