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    Default Tlc Match card Predictions

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    WWE Championship (Chairs Match) (Main Event)

    CM Punk (c) vs John Cena (*Added stipulation that if Cena loses, he must never challenge Punk for the title again as long as Punk is the champion)

    CM Punk ends up finally facing Cena again but this time in a Chairs match but Punk says that the only way he will face Cena is if and when Cena loses against him, that Cena can never challenge Punk for the title as long as Punk is the WWE Champion, and Punk then claims that he is going to stay champion by beating Cena at TLC

    World Heavyweight Championship (Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match)

    Big Show (c) vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Miz

    Show I would have him retain at Survivor Series against Sheamus but then at TLC he has to worry not just about 1 contender vying for his title, he has to worry about 3 other men gunning for his title and also to make things interesting, it also stacks the deck against Big Show considering he doesn't do well in Ladder Matches, so why not have him defend his title in one but also against not just Sheamus but Orton and Miz considering he hasn't had a title shot in a while

    Then after the match whoever wins becomes vulnerable for said cash in when Dolph decides to cash in

    Ryback vs Wade Barrett (Tables Match)

    I would have Wade Barrett and Ryback feud with one another heading into TLC and not to mention these 2 have a history with each other, who remembers Nexus? They were in the same stable together but also history in NXT with one another but also both of these men are the ultimate brawler, so why not have them in a Tables Match

    WWE United States Championship

    Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Jack Swagger

    I would have Swagger come back as an All-American American who has turned face, with Swagger turning face and becoming like the Lex Luger Man Made in the USA type with Swagger stepping up to the challenge and facing Cesaro for the WWE United States Championship by claiming to be an American who can beat Cesaro, and Swagger can then begin his rise back to the top here

    WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Kofi Kingston (c) vs Damien Sandow

    I would have Sandow somehow become the #1 Contender for Kofi's Intercontinental Championship, and then beginning a rivalry with Sandow over the IC Title and then we can finally begin seeing Sandow's rise to the top, by having him challenge for his first singles title, and with Sandow he can carry the IC Title with pride but also restore glory back into that title

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    Nyc Prediction

    But No Tag Team Championship Match

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    I love the way you think. I would like to see more people in the WWE championship match.

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    Nice predictions

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    You always come up with such great ideas and predictions . I said it before and I am saying it again 'Join the WWE Creative Writers Team'
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