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    I can't be the only one that is sick of Santino holding the title. Dude's a joke, performing in tuxedo matches and such. I see why he got it at first, crowd went mad in elimination chamber for him, but he barely defends it and barely wins any match he is involved in. I know some people are gunning for a unification of us and intercontinental, but say that doesn't happen, who would you like to take the belt off him? My votes lie with miz, mcintyre, kidd or a heel ryder.
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    I would say Ryback!

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    Anybody!!!! I was happy when Santino won the belt but now he is just boring! They could give it to Ricardo for a week and I wouldnt be upset! lol

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    santino is very boring,but funny.he doesn't deserve the u.s title.he should chase the tag team championships with a strong guy like ry-back,or brodus.

    21-1 time to riot

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    Santino is a joke...and he will always be a joke....

    give the title to dean ambrose or Zack Ryder!

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    Too many titles in WWE, I'd prefer US and IC belts to be eliminated but at the very least they should be combined, especially with the brand split.

    If the WWE title is not going to be main eventing secondary titles can't have any meaning.



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