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    Default When was The Last Time we saw Michael Cole say ''And I quote''?

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    The whole Raw GM storyline has gone to nothing,it feels like''Nobody cares,nobody knows''.What do you think?At night of champions I saw a Raw laptop for the first time in like 2 months so there you go,your time to share the opinions

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    I can't say wether wwe will reveal raw gm in future or not. It all depends on maintaining a good story line. Or maybe he is behind all the conspiracy in wwe. Who knows?

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    I don't know and don't care Coles voice is like nails on a chalk board
    it's been there ever since HHH became COO they just have had any use for it because HHH is calling the shots now on Raw
    John Cena: You Can't keep a good man down.



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