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    Default Three is greater than two

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    Three is greater than two

    Does anyone else agree that the three hour show is much better than two hours? Now we are getting much more character development for mid-card guys as well as longer and better matches.

    This is the first time in a long time I've given a damn about a World Heavyweight title match for example.. Sheamus and Del Rio got more character development tonight than they have in months, giving their feud a vital boost.

    Also on a side-note, how epic was that Wade Barret vignette? Probably the best vignette I've seen in years.

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    Yes it is , in fact the total airtime of Raw for this week excluding ads is 2 hr 12 mins.

    It's a good idea not to watch it live if it airs after midnight in your country cause ads are the main reason you get bored.

    I now watch after it airs cause in this way I save 48mins time which is just useless ads ...

    It's Clobberin Time

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    I thought this thread was going to be about Ryback jobbers. Btw - i think no...the only thing that is "better" is that its a 3 hour show.

    In the WWE's best era ever, they successfully managed to book every feud on the card properly. The low card was booked in matches and meaningful storylines, the Tag division was given proper attention, the midcard and main events were also given the correct booking. Shit, even feuds in which no title was to be contested were booked decently for the most part.

    The fact that the WWE had so many people believing that they would get more programming out of a third hour is pretty ****ing hilarious. If you cut commercials, video packages, and recaps, the new three hour raw comes down to about an hour's worth of television.

    I could shit in a paper bag at this point and come up with more intriguing stuff than what creative is trying to pass off as good television.

    edit :-

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    i like 3hrs Raw than 2hrs

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    its like 1 hour wrestling and 2 hours Commercials

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    It is way better now that it has turned into 3 hours! I like it soo much now, they have improved on parts they should have. I care about the World Heavy Weight Championship now because earlier World Heavy Weight Championship was like winning IC championship! Cena is out of the picture sort of and Raw is great! 3 Is Better Than 2!



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