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    Default Tensai MITB (discussion)..

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    As seen on Fridays Smackdown Tensai qualified by beating Justin Gabriel (in an okay match), which I actually thought Gabriel looked good in defeat in, more dominance than Tensai throughout actually.

    Anyway him qualifying is ridiculous.

    Whats his motive for qualifying?
    Filler pretty much, they go from jobbing him to Cena & Sheamus for a random qualifying match, good job WWE.

    imo, i would've much rather Tensai was in the RAW MITB match & Gabriel qualified for this one, but so far (unlike last year) this coming PPV looks dreadful.

    Anyone elses thoughts?

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    Tensai won't win the money in the bank match... I think it would have been better with Gabriel, but you know they always have to have one of those "big guys"(Kane, henry, khali, etc) in there.

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    Will Tensai win the MITB match ???

    No !!! No !!! No !!!

    It's Clobberin Time



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