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    Tag Titles Storylines

    Raw-5 weeks from Royal Rumble

    Wade Barrett announces Falls Count Anywhere match for Smackdown against Randy Orton.

    Primo & Epico beat Air Boom in a non title match-10 minute match, match dominated by Primo & Epico, Air Boom would gain momentum, Rosa Mendes distracts Air Boom, which helps Primo & Epico get the win.

    Rey Mysterio returns, announces tag team with Sin Cara.

    Smackdown-5 weeks from Royal Rumble

    Primo & Epico draw with Air Boom in a non title match- 10 minute match, the match was even, Kofi pinned Primo as Epico pinned Evan Bourne

    Wade Barrett injured Randy Orton by throwing him down stairs- 15 minutes, Even match

    Raw-4 weeks from Royal Rumble

    Wade Barrett talks about how he will win the Royal Rumble, Air Boom comes out and says Wade would never be able to compete in tag wrestling, Wade says if they offer him a title shot for Friday he will find a partner, they agree.

    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeat Primo & Epico-7 minute match, domination by Mysterio & Sin Cara.

    Smackdown-4 weeks from Royal Rumble

    Primo w/Epico defeated Sin Cara w/ Rey Myserio- 12 minute match, Sin Cara dominates, Epico tries to interfere but Mysterio stops him, Primo uses the distraction to roll Sin Cara up to win.

    Air Boom defeats Wade Barrett & Drew Mcintyre in a title match- 20 minutes, even match with no attempts at cheating.

    Raw-3 weeks away from Royal Rumble

    Wade Barrett & Drew Mcintyre call themselves "The Knights"

    The Knights defeat Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio- 13 minute match, very even match.

    Smackdown-3 weeks away from Royal Rumble

    Sin Cara & Mysterio call themselves the "Masked Warriors"

    The Masked Warriors defeat Primo & Epico with Rosa Mendes banned from ringside- 9 minute match, Primo & Epico dominat 3/4 of the time.

    Raw-2 weeks away from Royal Rumble

    The Knights come out and say they deserve title shots, then Primo & Epico and The Masked Warriors come out after that and say the same thing. John Laurinitaus came out and said there would be a triple threat tag team ladder match for #1 contendership to the tag titles.

    The Knights and The Masked Warriors and Primo & Epico draw- 20 minute match, 10 minutes in Drew Mcintyre went through a ladder, 15 minutes in, Sin Cara chased Epico out of the arena, at the end Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, and Primo all reach the contract, they rip the contract into 3 pieces, all getting a piece.

    Smackdown-2 weeks away from Royal Rumble

    Mr. Mcmahon comes out and talks about a new concept for the tag titles match. It will be an 8 man battle royal with all 4 teams involved. When there are only 2 people left in the ring their eliminated partners will come back in and there will be a tag titles match.

    Raw- Royal Rumble this Sunday

    The Knights and Epico & Primo defeated Air Boom and The Masked Warriors-12 minute match, Air Boom and The Masked Warriors dominated 3/4 of the time.

    Smackdown- Royal Rumble this Sunday

    Evan Bourne defeated Drew Mcintyre- 7 minutes, Evan dominated by working on Drew's injured back

    Royal Rumble

    Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston were 2 people left in Battle Royal- 25 minutes, Drew Mcintyre 1st eliminated, Sin Cara 2nd eliminated, Evan Bourne 3rd eliminated, Mysterio 4th eliminated(Masked Warriors eliminated), Epico 5th eliminated, Primo 6th eliminated(Primo & Epico eliminated)

    The Knights defeat Air Boom to become new Tag Team Champions- 6 minute match, Mcintyre almost pinned, Barrett breaks it up, hits Wasteland on Bourne.

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    This is real or not if real good new if not bad

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    ι уσυ נυ∂gє ρєσρℓє, уσυ нανє ησ тιмє тσ ℓσνє тнєм.

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    Great thoughts on the tag team battle royal, I would definitely like to see that. I dont think that Wade Barrett will be moving to tag team though as I think they are trying to finally give him that push into the main event status.

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    It 's a great story but'll not happen sadly



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