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    Default Sydney WWE WORLD TOUR Show review - July 1st 2011 Non-televised Event

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    Sydney WWE WORLD TOUR Show review - July 1st 2011
    Hey Guys just an overview of the First Australian show put on from the WWE LIVE TOUR: - Sydney July 1st 2011 Show.
    I’d say the Sydney ACER arena was pretty sold out, Compared to smackdown tour the year before it was absolutely packed. 1 section of the very very very top was tarped but other than that the entire arena was practically full 9-10,000 people and the crowd were very hyped up from the beginning, A lot of Punk chants and Flairs “Wooo’s” Pre show.
    Show started with Justin Roberts in ring - with Raw theme song and a constant 2-3 minute firework display.

    Roberts then read out the media report about Cm punk and WWE agreement to let him do non tv live events etc etc and confirmed his appearance. BOOM punk music hits…..GREAT heat from the crowd, but also a lot of support from the older members of the audience. Punk cut a promo similar to that on raw, but did the typical country sledging and then said as he wasn’t televised he was now going to finish what he was saying….And Mysterio’s music hits.
    Out comes Mysterio to a good 5 minutes of children hugging, meanwhile cm punk sledged a female security guard and a local photographer for getting to close to the ring and actually chased the photographer. Finally Mysterio comes down and we have our first match: -
    Mysterio VS Cm punk – Decent match, due to his promo punk pulled a lot of heat from the beginning which was great. Mysterio had a lot of support from the crowd and got a mass pop everytime it looked like the 619 was coming. Decent back and forth match with some nice spots. Match ended with Mysterio hitting the 619 after a failed GTS and going for a quick roll up after punk stumbled around.
    Winner: - Mysterio
    Match: - 4/5

    Next Match announced: - Kelly Kelly Vs Brie Bella.
    Both bella twins came out but overall very boring match. They double teamed Kelly Kelly at the start but then Glamazon Hit the ring.
    **A.General manager noise hits. He announces it will now be a tag team match.
    Lots of screaming for no reason and hair pulling. Eventually Kelly Kelly hit some old school umaga type bum-face corner move which then gave her the roll up. EXTREMELY Bored crowd, not much cheering except from teenage kids yelling out here and there. But it seemed most the crowd used this to go get something to drink.
    Winner: - Kelly Kelly and Glamazon
    Match: - 0/5 – Boring as bat …..

    Next match announced: - Primo Vs “Woo Woo Woo” Zack Ryder.
    Primo came out to a tumble weed and cricket noise. I don’t think a lot of the crowd even knew who he was lol, was very very embarrassing for him I must admit, you could see he was obviously taken back by the complete silence of 10,000 people. But then Ryders music and the crowd went insane, one of the biggest pops of the night, Ryder came down and had the crowd in his hand. Absolutely stomped primo, match was over in about 30 seconds. Primo went for the offence took a couple of hits, Ryder pulled the finisher, and then hit the mic. Ryder pulled a small promo “Woo Woo Woo”,” Take care spike your hair” etc etc and then spent some time getting on with the crowd before eventually leaving. No music for ryder when he won though and Justin Roberts then cpped some heat as they couldn’t get the microphone working……
    Winner: - Woo Woo Woo – Great pop but match was very quick so….
    Match 3/5 (purely for the love of ryder the crowd was really into it)

    Next match: - No announcement for this, Jack swagger just came out (still technical difficulties by the look of it) then evan bourne.
    Semi decent match up, a lot of show boating from swagger. Bourne hit multiple Lucha-type moves (very sin cara-ish, wasn’t his typical kicks filled offence) and ended up winning the match with a botched Air-bourne. Completely missed swagger but put his arm out so atleast he connected with something.)
    Winner: - Evan Bourne
    Match: - 3/5

    After this they did a Dance off with people in the crowd with Kelly Kelly and Justin Roberts. The winner was a little cena fan who then got to go backstage through the curtain and meet all the superstars. Pretty cool the kid was stoked.

    Out comes Ziggler and cuts a promo about how he is the US champion so shouldn’t have to compete in Stinky Australia (lol) and that he is so good looking he cant even look at us. He carries on for quite some time about how he is the champion and he can beat anyone for the title, and when he gets back to the US he is getting down on one knee and presenting “gold” to Vikki to show his love for her. (whether he means the belt or a ring the crowd read abit to much into this) Out came Kofi and ran straight to the ring for the start of the match. (This was for the US championship)
    Very VERY VERY Slow start, Kofi spent so much time looking into the crowd with his “Oh dolph just hit me did I, I think ill stand here and shake my fists at him”
    Finally after 10 minutes the match got really fast paced, lots of big hits but finished with ziggler scoring the pin via roll up. While Ziggler was celebrating and pretending to get on one knee and propose Kingston came in with the Trouble in paradise Knocking ziggler out for some time. He laid in the one spot in the ring for over 5 minutes before finally moving and getting taken to the back by 3 staff. (very good sell of the TiP)

    Im out in the stand buying a drink when Intermission ends and Santino’s music hit. When I got back to my seat it was an unannounced Otunga and Hennig Jr VS Vlad and santino.
    Pretty sloppy match, went all over the place with Vladimir only coming in for a headbutt and powerslam to be tagged back out and he then watched santino get pinned??? Very strange.
    Winners: - New Nexus and still tag champions!
    Match : - 1/5 – was confused during and after the match of what had actually happened.

    Justin Roberts Jumps in the ring and announces (what will be the biggest heat of the heat) and introduces The Miz. CROWD WENT MENTAL. Although he was heel he was extremely entertaining, had the crowd in the palm of his hands the entire time lots of “WHAT” and “REALLY” chants going on. Biggest pop for the night (sorry I don’t count super-cena as we all know he is number one pop) out came Riley to beat on miz. Incomes another message from the Raw A.General manager announcing as they have so much built up frustration the next match is a “SYDNEY STREET FIGHT”.
    Bell rings and miz is confused as to what is happening. Riley beats on him hard and goes for a kendo stick. Crowd chanted for a good 5 minutes as loud as they could “MIZ IS A WANKER!” Miz gains advantage again and beats riley hard with the stick, a small amount of blood from A-ryes back and lots of markings all over him. Miz then gets back on the microphone and claims he isn’t a wanker, we are the wankers (loved it for pg) and to prove he is no wanker, he is going to destroy riley, which hypes the crowd into a constant boo. Lots more “What” chants but overpowered with “WE WANT TABLES, WE WANT CHAIRS WE WANT TABLES” Chants and “RILEYS AWSOME! MIZ IS A WANKER!!” Miz taunted riley saying he would hit him with the mic until he gave up. *hits him about 6 times in a row with a speech between each hit (crowd still going psycho) finally Riley was back up and on the offensive. Smashes miz around bad with the kendo stick (its now all frayed and over used) and plenty of bruising on the miz from the shots. Miz rolls out of the rings and grab a chair, riley rolls out and miz back in, Miz sets the chair up in the ropes to pull a SCF on riley but riley reverses and slams miz headfirst through the chair set up, pulls his finisher and match over.
    Winner: - ALEX RILEY!
    Match – 4/5 – Very very good crowd involvement. Miz had biggest heat of the night (bar punk) and riley biggest pop (bar cena).

    And here comes the main event.

    … out comes truth…same old lil jimmy promos. Told everyone to shutup a lot and kept going on about his conspiracy’s. ended up telling the kids they are “doo doo to him” and that “mummy and daddy really knows what he is saying” lol. And boom cena’s music hit and I was swamped with red merchandise, kids and women screaming and every guy older than 15 (except the select special few) sitting with there head in there hands….
    Cena took over 10 fricken minutes to stop show boating!!!!!! It was just stupid, hugged every person I MEAN EVERY PERSON!! On the way down, got in, flexed, took his shirt off, did the “oh you know I love you I yes I do” fingers and smile to the crowd which made a lot of the older crowd around me start abusing him lol. Cena then tells truth he is going to put the title on the line.
    John Cena Vs k Kwik …I mean truth for the title…next…
    Match starts off slow……………..and continues slow…………and is boring…….hip toss here and there, running back and forth then stopping and sizing each other up…………….more running……….and finally truth on the defence……and cena has now had a stroke and doesn’t seem to be able to get up from anything that truth has done. Truth hits one of his finishers and BOOM Cena grows to OVER 9000!!! And grows long blonde hair….and turns into a supe-saiyan line in DBZ ok sorry ill stop the bagging….but super cena kicks in, hit truth once and pulls off the 5 knuckle shuffle, goes for the Attitude adjustment but truth catches ropes, gets pulled off and the ref gets hit and is out……cena drops truth and puts him in the STF, but now no ref……………………SICK!! Punk hits the ring, gets in, smashs cena pulls off the GTS and puts truth ontop of cena……………….and he kicks out *cough….. as he stands up truth has the title belt in hand and goes for the head strike, misses cena, hits punk. Ref is now back up….Cena pick up truth…AA……1 2 3….Super cena celebrates……………….
    Winner: - Cena
    Match: - now some may whinge im a cena hater but in truth im not, just cant stand his superman persona…if is wasn’t for punk this match would have been a 1 for completely boring but the ending saved it – 3/5.

    All in all great now, Absolutely destroyed the smackdown tour last year. Hope you enjoyed the review guys!

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    Oh yeah this was enjoyable to read. Thanks!

    Glad you had a good time there.

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    i wish i could have been there. the Miz/riley match sounded like it was fun.
    John Cena: You Can't keep a good man down.



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