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    Default Swagger to turn face?

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    The WWE has announced that Jack Swagger will return on October 1, when they will be in Oklahoma. Since Oklahoma is Swagger's home state, this has fueled rumors of a face turn for him. Personally, I think that's exactly what he needs. He's been a heel during his entire WWE run and a face turn could really work wonders for him. I'd also like to see him bring out J.R. as his manager seeing as how they're both Oklahoma natives. I know Vince would never allow J.R. to remain Swagger's manager, but even if it would be just a one-time thing it would still be pretty cool. Thoughts on the matter?

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    i herad that too.

    I know he deserve more but for the beginning, the ALL-American American could bring the US-Title back home for his Face turn
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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