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    Default Why the sudden downfall of Cody Rhodes?

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    Here was a guy who spent the past 2 years being built up consistently, through many promos and character development, beat legends like Rey Mysterio, Booker T, and Big Show, and was featured to be the next guy in line to run smackdown only to have him fall so low on the totem poll? What was the whole point in burying him into nonexistence at this point when they invested so much into him in the past 2 years? They could've gave him a second wind by giving him the MITB but they gave it to a guy who has zero character development, and spent most of this year jobbing his ass off in Dolph Ziggler (I'm a fan of his but I'm calling it like it is).

    I hope they still have plans for Cody because he's got a lot of potential and a future world champ in my book.

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    I want a face Cody Rhodes with pants.



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