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    Default find it strange that wrestlers like ziggler and miz lastyear lose their USA title in a singles match

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    Find it strange that wrestlers like ziggler and miz last year lose their USA title in a singles match, than are in the main event

    of their respective show. Makes no sense, in kayfabe the guys can't even hold onto their USA title but than all of a suddan are contending for the wwe title or heavyweight title. really? Wouldn't it make more sense if they wanted to elevate those guys to have them lose it in a 3 way, 4 way or battle royal and just have them get screwed out of of singles match or something. Maybe even have them have both belts at one time but have to give one of them up because you can hold more than singles title at a time so they have to choose . something that wouldn't make these guys look so weak or getting rewarded for losing

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    I don't exatly remember how DOLPH lost his title but I do remember THE MIZ lost it to DANIEL BRAYAN and also in his rematch. But, I wasn't surprised to see them in the main events because THE MIZ always had his MITB briefcase to cash anytime and win the bigger title which he did and then became the main eventer. And DOLPH'S girlfriend VIKIE was the acting GM of SD because of NEXUS attack to TEDDY. So he being awarded multiple WORLD TITLE shots wasn't unexpected for me.

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