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    The creative team and the McMahons must be the most clueless ****s on the face of the earth right now. They wonder why nobody is over except main-event guys and it's because they put too much time in attempting to be relevant with the main-stream audience. The twitter campaign was terrible, the TOUT campaign is 10 times worse (although I'll admit watching morons embarrass themselves on national TV cause kayfabe apparently still lives is hilarious), Charlie Sheen is awesome but I didn't need to see him after every match to see what he thought, **** Snooki, nobody cares about Pauly D. The Jersey Shore fad died, and nobody cares about some C list celebrity that won't let his 15 mins of fame pass.

    Stick to wrestling. Get your people over, or at least attempt to get them over since booking is shit. It's what got you to prominence in the first place

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