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    Default **SPOILERS** WWE RAW Results For Monday

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    Show opened with a John Laurinaitis interview. They pushed really hard the angle of Laurinaitis firing Jim Ross, since they are now doing that as an angle after so many people clicked off Raw during the show last week. So he announced the main event as John Cena & Jim Ross vs. Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole. I'm not sure when people were saying they wanted Jim Ross back, that is what they wanted. I'm also not sure that all the years fans in Mexico City have been waiting for TV to be held live, thought that meant a main event like that.

    Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes & Christian b Randy Orton & Sheamus & John Morrison - There were two sets of post-match brawls, one with Orton vs. Rhodes and the other with Christian vs. Sheamus, so both are likely on Vengeance.

    Orton vs. Rhodes was announced officially.

    Eve Torres​ b Natalya

    Phoenix vs. Torres was announced for Vengeance.

    C.M. Punk b The Miz - Laurinaitis got some sort of a legal document forcing HHH to leave the ring. After the match, Miz & R-Truth beat down Punk.

    Vickie Guerrero​ announced Kingston & Bourne vs. Swagger & Ziggler for the PPV.

    Zack Ryder b Jack Swagger. Post-match saw Ziggler and Swagger beating down Ryder until Mason Ryan made the save. So if the titles change, expect Ryder & Ryan as a team.

    Dolph Ziggler b Mason Ryan via DQ. Ryan didn't break at the count of five.

    They announced Sin Cara Azul vs. Sin Cara Negro in a mask vs. mask match tomorrow night. Yep, no interviews with either, even if it was just for the live crowd. I guess Sin Cara not knowing English means he wouldn't know how to cut a promo to draw money in Mexico.

    John Cena & Jim Ross b Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole. Ross beat Cole with the ankle lock submission. They announced Del Rio vs. Cena at the PPV will be a last man standing match.

    More detailed spoilers in the AM. Here is a video from the tapings:

    Sorry About Your Damn LUCK!

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    I believe Christian's Posse is a new found Nation of Domination and they are playing Ziggler in the role of the Rock and modeling him to become the future superstar he deserves to be (however this will all not take place on raw, if it does, its rushed and they writers suck ass) BUT that being said, this new posse starts putting the beatdowns and cutting their promos they need to be recognized this and that. Take Swagger off the mic....whoever can't figure out a way to hold the mic to their mouth when they talk need to be banned form using it, lisp or not, if we can't hear you, you suck.

    Some crappy diva match....
    Another promo cutting that big fat guy who looks like he might be able to do stuff in the ring ;D

    Miz and Truth are the new muscle for Laurenitus, vs the new face of anti-corporation, CM and HHH, build up for PPV, should be an overbooked match or promo of some sorts. I think the writers have discovered the art of actions in the ring thru Miz and Truth at Hell in a Cell, as well as HHH vs CM punk NO DQ. This should be good and it will probably end the night (maybe Nash sighting, wondering if he is gone for sure)

    Cena and ADR will do something that no one notices b/c everyone is really focused on the fun stuff and no one cares b/c at the PPV Cena will win. If he doesn't then I will start to care about what happens (but again, this wont take place on Raw)

    By The Way Good Job AXL............
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    I don't get it Raw is supposed to Air live. Does WWE fool us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by insideout View Post
    I don't get it Raw is supposed to Air live. Does WWE fool us.



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