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    Post Smackdown Results (8/12) - New IC Champion!

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    HHH opens tonight's Smackdown and he says it was just a month ago that he was hanging out in the back and now he is the COO and he is the special guest referee in the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. It is in that match they will determine the undisputed WWE Champion, but his phone won't stop ringing and he says there is a lot of pressure in this job, and he is really loving it. He wants each Smackdown and RAW to unpredictable, and tonight they will see Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defend against Cody Rhodes, and Alberto Del Rio will face Daniel Bryan. HHH adds The Great Khali will face Randy Orton, and Christian will... Christian will interrupt HHH before he can finish what he was saying.

    Christian walks to the ring and tells HHH that he was making a major announcement and he thought HHH would have the decency to call him. HHH tells him he doesn't give a crap and Christian says he bets that it funny, but he will get a laugh out of suing the WWE, and asks if HHH thinks that is funny. Christian says Randy Orton is unstable and the WWE is putting him in an unsafe situation, so if they don't pull the stipulation from the match, he will file a lawsuit. He says he will sue everyone in the company, and he will sue all the fans that go to and watch Summerslam, because he doesn't care, and tells HHH the choice is his.

    HHH plays it cool and says he guesses the match... is on! Christian says he doesn't really get it, but HHH tells him that he is the one that doesn;t really get it. HHH says he is Christian's boss, and if Christian refuses to compete, he is in breach of contract and HHH can fire him and take the title back. He says they can fire Christian and take the title or he can keep the belt and face Randy Orton at Summerslam. HHH tells Christian the choice is his, and Christian whines and says he doesn't get why they are doing this to him. HHH says he doesn't like Orton, but he and the fans respect him, and they like Orton and hate Christian. HHH says he used to respect Christian but he doesn't because of how Christian won the title. He tells Christian to stop whining like a girl and face Orton and win back the respect he used to have.

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    You could've atleast add [Spoiler] in front of the thread title and remove "New IC Champion". People who didn't see SmackDown already don't want to know what happens before they watched it.

    By the way, there's a "result" thread for this weeks SD already, you could've posted there



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