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    Default Sheamus v Del Rio- HIAC?

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    I know many of us, including myself would be hoping that Sheamus/Del Rio would end with yesterday's ppv but I have a feeling that what's a better way to end the embroiling feud than with a HIAC match? If anything it'll be good to see Sheamus obliterate Del Rio and descend him into a low mid card role where he belongs. It's only 3 more weeks guys, we've been watching them feud for 4 months what's wrong with a few more weeks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dR boi View Post
    what's wrong with a few more weeks?
    the answer: the feud would go on a few more weeks

    no serious, a third guy in that feud could fresh it up a bit and the WHC storyline could go on with out a interruption after hell in the cell with a new number 1 contender.

    Was there ever a triple Threat HiaC Match in WWE History could be cool
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    NO I think it going to be ORTON VS SHEAMUS because Orton is TURNING HEEL



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