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    Default Santino Marella... The next Mick Foley?

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    Santino Marella... The next Mick Foley?

    Ok well maybe not lol, but clearly, Santino stole the show at the Elimination Chamber. At EC, Santino had one of the best moments of his career. I cant remember a more fun underdog moment since Mick Foley's 1st win of the then "WWF" championship. Not everyone is going to be a WWE Champion (or WHC in this case) but he rose to the occasion and I hope everyone just enjoyed the ride. He has begun to put the E in "WWE" more than ever for his performances lately and who knows what this could lead too in the future. Will Santino ever get over the hump of being a jobber/comedy guy and win the big one? what will his pay off be at Wrestlemania? what are your thoughts everyone? Am I a prisoner of the moment? or do you think that Santino could be the modern day Mick Foley during this ridiculous era (PG era) ?

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    Comparing Foley and Santino dosen't makes any sense for me. Foley is known as hardcore legend for a reason. He has completed in two Hell in a Cell match, I Quit match,, Bury alive match, casket match, numerous hardcore matches and stell cage matches. He is the only superstar in history to Wrestle in all four brands, Wwe, Wcw, Ecw[when not part of Wwe] and TNA.

    As mankind his promos were more like R-Truth not Santino. Truth has Little jimmy while Foley had Little Jeorge named Rat and he used to cut crazy promos like Truth not Santino.

    He used to do the fun part when he was in The Rock n Sock connection. Mr. Soccko and Cobra may look alike but Foleys real finisher used to be reverse pile-driver not Mr. Soccko.

    In short if you want to compare Santino with anyone then compare him with Goldust cause they both have a very similar careers.
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