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    Default Is it safe to say that Kane has been booked in the WORST angles of any wrestler ever?

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    Is it safe to say that Kane has been booked in the WORST angles of any wrestler ever?

    Can anyone truly top Kane for a career of consistently awful booking?

    The character was great when he was directly working with or against, the Undertaker.

    When working with anyone else - he was/is completely misused. It seems strange how WWE can book one character so well (Undertaker) and the other (Kane) so poorly. If you want Undertaker to look like the bigger threat - ok fine. But why does one need to look like god, and the other like Barry Horowitz sometimes? It's not even his fault. It's not like he isn't over (he certainly was extremely over) or that his work in ring is garbage.

    I think we can all agree that once the mask disappeared was when Kane truly took a step down in terms of the threat he was, but even since he's reacquired it, he's been booked horribly. His work in the ring is at the very least above average, if not great. And when I say great - you have to consider how he is supposed to work. He's a big man, he needs to work like one So, playing the role of a "big man" - he does that superbly.

    It's unfortunate that a true company man like him has to be tossed into some shit matches too. His return with the mask, was one possible the biggest mismanage of a talent or the product as a whole, in the past 3-4 years. All that hype, all that excitement and boom - job to Cena. Stupid. He should of chokeslam Cena thru the Titantron and punched Cole in the head for good measure.

    I thought about it, and I couldn't come up with a prominent wrestler who was worse booked throughout his career (career being at least 5-6 years long) than Kane has been. Anyone else? I couldn't come up with one.

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    Yeah. If they only knew in 1999 that Kane would still be actively wrestling for them in 2012 while Taker only does one match per year since like 2009, maybe they would have done it differently. Then again, they did have Kane win his last feud against Taker, but it's too bad they decided to make it corny enough to turn away adults, and then bury Kane by making him look like a fool chasing Edge around.

    I'm a big kane supporter but a lot of people don't see him for the great that he is.

    I do have a retort for 'worst booked', though. Mark Henry. Yeah, MH might have been over for the past year or two but over the course of the career, he's been a bigger jobber than Kane by far. I mean, other than being a part of the Nation of Domination and his recent 'Hall of Pain' run, all MH has ever done is job and job and job. At least Kane had feuds with Taker, Corporation, Evolution, DX, et cetera, and even if he lost those, he was main event instead of mid card like MH. I mean, I can't even think of anything notable MH had done between NoD and Hall of Pain.

    BTW the worst angle of any wrestler ever was Katie Vick.

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    The problem with guys like Kane and the Big Show is that you don't really need them on top, they can enhance your top stars and with a minor push, they can look like monsters again. There are some, like Triple H that need years of being thrusted in the spot light to get over, then there's Kane, who just needs a few weeks of mic time and poof! You got your monster back.

    That being said, if the guy was booked differently, he could definitely be on the Undertaker status, the biggest thing missing with Kane is that he usually never got "the big one" over the top stars in the same way the Undertaker did. Against Taker, you jobbed cleanly or put on a crazy match and ended up beating him with a screw job ending at times, with Kane, the guy puts on good matches but loses cleanly, there's the big difference.

    To be honest, the only thing more strange than the gimmick of being a dead guy is the gimmick of being that dead guy's brother. Most gimmick's don't last that long, Kane played the character very well, considering all the crap that the writers have put in his way.

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