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    Default Rock vs Cean Promo 27/2

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    Rock vs Cean Promo 27/2

    I was so bored of this promo until John Cena came out and owned Dwayne Johnson (Not the character" the rock") while the he was talking bullshit the whole time. Cena was the only one that said anything that was true while the rock spewed out this catch phrases for the crowd and all the other stuff he said .
    (This is what i thought about the promo and is my opinion and im not saying its right or wrong its just how i saw it)

    and did anyone notice when cena walked out and the camera panned to the rocks face he looked like he was about to cry or was it just me?

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    Rock isn't using his energy anymore. The Rock doesnt smile when the crowd chants something. Hell, the rock doesnt allow the fans to chant because he's busy going 90 miles an hour. Rock did alright to combat Cena's original promo, but this really is Dwane Johnson Vs John Cena. In the ring, things will be different, but I don't get why The Rock is replacing energy with emotion.

    For example, The Rock said "You say youre fighting for the wrestlers backstage". The Rock would have followed this up with "You can fight for the bunch of jabronis backstage, you can fight for shane mcmahon and the mean street posse, hell you can fight for your ugly ass mother, but at the end of the day, The Rock is going to come out here in front of the millions..._____...of The Rock's fans and he's gonna whoop your kung pow ***** ass all over Miami Florida." Instead, he said "I fight for them, you see, I grew up in a wrestling ring...BLAAAH".

    The Rock doesnt care about the people back stage. The guy is arrogant, full of his own shit, barley cares about the fans and sure as hell couldnt give a **** about proving himself (to anyone other than Austin), but instead Rock is really TRYING to make people think he loves them.

    Look at this, he just KNOWS the fans love him. He can just SAY they love him. He doesnt need to prove that they love him, but now he is.

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    I have just yesterday watched ' The Epic Journey of Dwayne Johnson The Rock' and I have watched enough of his promos to tell the difference between his last Raw promo and the promos in his DVD. It was boring.

    Voted Cena.

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    @ WM New Cena(with gradually improving THUGANOMICS)

    Old cena suxxx

    and about the ROCK he is just like old CENA

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